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Are you a writer or a voracious reader? One of the best things about writing is being read. Follow other writers and read their work

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Justus Izuchukwu Onuh (Izunwaonu) is an entrepreneur, A Professional web-designer, An author and A keynote speaker. He holds B. A and B. Phil. in Philosophy from University of Ibadan and Urban University, Rome, Italy, respectively. He is a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Enugu State Chapter. He is a blogger, a columnist and has a great interest in writing. Some of His Books include The Dangers of the Crowd and Caught in the Act and some other works. 

To always be helpful and to inspire people through action, transparent communication, and unbiased education to reach for their dreams and continuously challenge the status quo.


You can download some of my books via AMAZON or buy directly from me via WHAT'SAPP

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We are good in designing  a Responsive Website which is the practice of building a single website that is optimized for screens of all sizes: smartphones, tablets, laptops and large desktop monitors.


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We design all types of Websites; School Websites, E-commerce websites, Portfolio websites, Blogs, Social media websites, etc.

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With our team of dedicated workers, our goal is to help our clients see Their website ideas and dreams into fruition, at an affordable price. We take every client's website very seriously in order to deliver your website to you in record time.

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With more than 5 years of experience in website development, you can have a rest of mind knowing that your website is being handled by professionals

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We always aim to deliver the best websites for our clients, websites that will stand the test of time, with feature including, clean design, fast loading and security.

Stories That Matter

Love Again

Love is like water It sweeps everything in its way It touches the gist of our tangential points One can relate to the future because...

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I buttoned the overcoat round her shoulders. I plunged into her webs of vapour In between her hamas Which by these times formed veils between...

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15 Things Love Is Not

1. Love is not irrationally jealous in the name of passion. That’s not passion. That’s distrust. Love is not explosive anger. Love is not ownership. Love...

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My emerald

Thoughts of you caress my self being, In your planet I drill the whole thing, Alive I rail in your heart, Yet to no dispersion...

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Four Bullets

For the first time In a long time I murdered a woman in cold blood I looked straight in her eyes to aim her soul...

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Dust to Dust

She never knew l existed But there is not a single post Of hers I ever missed and hearted She was just a walking piece...

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Depressed lass

To monish, yes they did To Harken, l never did I consoled myself that l Still could lead even if l end up limping. Conquering...

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Maybe his parents are dead, Maybe his parents are alive But have nothing to live for. Daily, he walks the tender streets; On his head...

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